Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy Teachers Training Course

2017/2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With Gert van Leeuwen, founder of Critical Alignment Yoga


The Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy (CAY&T) is based on learning: Why do you do asana? What is the benefits and why it benefits you?

The therapy training is based on the practical use of CAY for postural alignment and for people with specific physical and mental complaints which have a relation with the spinal column and stress.


Level 1 Critical Alignment Therapy Training

Date: Monday 19th Oct, Tuesday 20th Oct, Wednesday 21th Oct 2015
Time: 10am – 1pm; 2.30pm 5.30pm

Join Gert van Leeuwen in this therapeutic yoga training designed for those suffering with chronic back and neck pain, painful shoulders and hips, repetitive strain injuries, etc. Using specialized yoga tools and breathing techniques you will learn the theory behind CAT to release tensed, stressed and repetitively strained muscles, joints and spine making it possible to begin building a new ‘critical alignment’. This level will cover the upper back, shoulders and neck in relation to compensations (pain, injuries and poor habits) that occur, connections that need to be built, and proper alignment to create ease and pain-free movement.

Cost: RM 1,680 / Early Bird: RM 1,450 (register before 15/6/2015)

Pre-requisite: Completed Yoga Teacher Training program (any yoga style), dedicated yogi or training in bodywork (i.e. massage therapy, chiropractor, physiotherapist, personal trainer, etc.)


Level 2 Critical Alignment Therapy Training

Date: information follows
Time:10am 1pm; 2.30pm 5.30pm

Continue your CAT training with founder Gert van Leeuwen. Learn more of the black strap exercises that create the basis for CAT. Begin learning how to put classes together and how the exercises can benefit all yoga styles. This level will bring focus to the lower back, pelvis and core with regards to poor postural habits, injuries and pain that occur from these habits. You will begin to learn how to assess injury and compensation in the body and apply exercises to build better co-ordination and stability through the lower half of the body.

Cost: RM 1,330 (Early Bird: RM 1,150 (register before: information follows)
Pre-requisite: CAT Level 1


Level 3 Critical Alignment Therapy

Date: information follows
Time :10am 1pm; 2.30pm 5.30pm

Begin to apply your training in a therapeutic hands-on practice. Learn more about how to assess the spine while in a seated position as well as inverted with the use of the specialized headstander. Through learning how to assess differences in individual bodies you will begin to see a deeper level of how our postural habits, alignment in asanas, and unconscious compensations affect our daily lives. Completion of level 3 provides you a sound foundation with which you can begin to build your practice of Critical Alignment yoga and apply it to your yoga teaching.

Cost: RM 1,330 (Early Bird: RM 1,150 (register before: information follows)
Pre-requisite: CAT Level 2


Level 4 Critical Alignment Therapy

Date: information follows
Time:10am 1pm; 2.30pm 5.30pm

Complete your Critical Alignment Therapy training with Gert van Leeuwen with Level 4 Certification. This level develops your one-on-one assessment skills as well as class development/design and teaching from a behavioral therapeutic standpoint. This level will not only teach you more about what goes on in the body through this highly effective therapy but you will also learn about the effects of psychology and how to create positive mental and emotional changes.

Cost: RM 1,330 (Early Bird: RM 1,150 (register before: information follows)

All four level fees above are excluding cost of props.



To register and for further information on the workshop please contact Calvin

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