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B.K.S. Iyengar: A correspondence

Past November I have send a copy of my book Yoga: Critical Alignment to B.K.S. Iyengar with a personal letter adressed to him. I was amazed to receive such a fast and warm reply by airmail.

In the letter which accompanied my book I wrote:
…” I began practising yoga in the early 1970s, and was introduced to your method through Dr. N.E. Sjoman, one of your early students. Since that time, I have run my own modest yoga studio in Amsterdam.”…

…” Although I am very hesitant to make comparisons between you, a true yoga master, and myself, I do think we have something in common. I believe that we both have a driving need to continuously develop the science of yoga. Not in a commercial manner, but in a serious, or as you call it scientific way. Your path has led you to devote your complete energy to serving mankind by sharing your experience of yoga.”…

…” I hope you will agree with me that living traditions need to continue to evolve through new research. It is for this reason that I have tried to contribute something to your method using my own personal experience. The primary goal of critical alignment in yoga is to mobilize and align the spinal column to restore crucial mobility, balance and spaciousness throughout the body, while – at the same time – freeing emotions and introducing a lighter and more meditative consciousness to daily life.”…

In my book I had written:
“ To Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar, who made it possible for so many in the world to add full consciousness through body awareness to their lives.”

Mr. Iyengar wrote in his warm and friendly reply:
…”I am touched by your write-up about me with your autograph. I do not know how to thank you for the same. No doubt you have critically worked for the alignment, but it is a work which I consider as a path towards enlightenment……It is not only the alignment of the body, but one has tot think also of the alignment of the mind. Not only the alignment of the body but the flow of energy is essential.”….

And, as if he knew on which subject I am working the past few years:
…” I thank you for the kindness in sending me the book. Who knows you may go through and work out the behavioural pattern of the mind and intelligence.”…

I feel honoured by the reply of the 95 year old Guru of modern Yoga. It gives me the energy I need to continue my research. I am very grateful for his support. Thank you very much.

Gert van Leeuwen, 18-12-2013